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482- Why the US keeps sending weapons to Egypt: Is this policy dangerous for America?


NPR Planet Money episode 482 asks why the US keeps sending weapons to Egypt. We continue to give Egypt $1.5 billion a year, $1.3 billion of which goes to the Egyptian military. Policy proponents say this money comes back to the US, since Egypt spends this money on American weapons.

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Does The Average American Know Anything About The Shutdown and Budget?


What does the shutdown mean to the average American? Besides all the political drama and childishness between Republicans and Democrats, what does the average person actually know? What do they think about our debt ceiling and how much do they care?

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Fact or Myth: Universal Healthcare Is Possible For America?


The official White House website about the Care Act includes a “facts and myths” section.  A myth pops up on the first page warning “Health reform will lead to a government takeover of healthcare.”  It’s ironic, because this sounds like a scary

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What Does The Shutdown Say About Politicians’ Common Sense?


Several days into the government shutdown, it’s obvious many politicians are out of touch with reality. They seemingly live in a bubble where they don’t realize how their decisions might affect reality. Sure, they’re using it as a bargaining chip

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