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Starbucks donates for World AIDS Day: Are generic drugs the solution? (Part 3)


In the last two posts, we discussed Starbucks donating money for World AIDS Day. In part 1, I discussed now Starbucks donates money to The Global Fund, which in turn buys antiretroviral (ART) drugs for HIV patients in poorer countries. In part 2, I discussed why pharmaceutical companies don’t have incentive to actually cure HIV/ AIDS, since they can profit off lifetime customers by simply prolonging the disease. So what’s the light at the end of this depressing tunnel?

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Starbucks donates for World AIDS Day: One time cure, or lifetime customers? (Part 2)


In the last post, I discussed Starbucks’ donation for World AIDS Day. Starbucks gives 10 cents for each drink sold on December 1. Starbucks gives to The Global Fund, who buys antiretroviral (ART) drugs for those infected with HIV in lower income countries.

ART drugs aren’t a cure
Those infected with HIV must take ART drugs for the rest of their life, or they’ll die. So ART pharmaceutical companies make a guaranteed profit for the lifetime of each HIV patient infected. Does this mean they have no incentive to actually cure HIV or AIDS?

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Are Health Insurance Brokers Like Car Salesmen?


Sure, health insurance companies tell us we need brokers to help us pick a health insurance plan.  But if you found out how much of your monthly premium goes toward their pay every month, would you still be willing to

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An Argument for Forced Health Insurance


I don’t like the idea of being forced to buy insurance if I’m healthy and won’t need it. It’s not fair to coerce people into paying for others’ healthcare. But did you consider who pays for the uninsured’s healthcare now?

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How Will the Affordable Care Act Affect Low-Income Employees?


The “ideal” shift in cost Once the employer provides affordable healthcare to the low income employee, the employee must purchase this healthcare through the employer if he wants any type of health coverage. That’s because he won’t be eligible for

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One Way the Affordable Care Act Will Help You Save Money

Have you thought about whether the Affordable Care Act will hurt or help you? I mean, not the criticism you’ve heard in the news. But how it will affect you on a personal and financial level? Did you realize that

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Will The Affordable Care Act Make You Work Overtime?

Will your employer cut your hours due to the Affordable Care Act? After all, they want to get rid of their full-time workforce so they don’t have to subsidize your healthcare. But will they schedule you to work overtime instead?


Will your company schedule you for overtime?

What were your first thoughts when you heard about the Affordable Care Act in the news? If your employer doesn’t currently offer healthcare, you probably turned up the volume. You knew it would affect you. Many pundits predict the new law will make employers cut hours, saying the law will make it too expensive to comply.

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How Giving Up Healthcare Can Get You Hired

The previous post discussed why it’s more expensive to hire part-time workers. But starting in 2015, this will change. Actually, employers have already started changing their hiring practices to prepare for the Affordable Care Act. In recent years, many employers

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