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Are You Unfairly Paying Extra For “Made in the USA” Products?


Made in the USA used to stand for quality and pride. It meant buying high quality products made by American workers earning good wages and benefits. Products made in the USA aren’t as common anymore, especially as more American jobs are outsourced to places like China or Bangladesh. But when something says “Made in the USA” today, is it still a positive thing?

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People Don’t Have Uprisings When The Unemployment Rate Is 6.7 Percent

APTOPIX Greece Financial Crisis

When the December 2013 unemployment rate came out on January 10, some news sources were glad to see that it decreased to 6.7% from 7%. Sounds good, right? In reality, it doesn’t explain everything. Actually, it hardly explains anything. That number only captures people who are still in the job market, who are also still actively searching for a job. So when you hear “unemployment rate,” feel suspicious. Who doesn’t it include?

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Smart Career Options: Specialized Skills (part 2)


While considering recession-resistant career options, there are some key rules to remember. The first key to a good paying job is to differentiate yourself by learning specialized skills. How should you go about this?

The main reason cashiers and retail make low wages
Have you ever wondered why many cashiers and retail workers make below poverty wages? I’m not debating on why this is right or wrong here (that’s a topic for another post!). But it’s useful to understand why. You don’t want to find yourself or your kids stuck on this poverty path if you can help it.

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Planet Money 485- What’s Your Major: Relevant for today’s student, or not?


In this episode 485, NPR’s Planet Money talked about expected earnings for each college major. They based their discussion on Georgetown Professor Caravelli’s study. There’s lots of useful, detailed data included for each college major. But does this information give us the whole picture?

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477- Waiting for Robot Nannies: Would Japan Really Hire Immigrant Nannies?


“Waiting for Robot Nannies” was an informative episode about Japan’s problem getting mothers back into the workplace. Over half of Japanese mothers leave their jobs after childbirth. The Planet Money hosts explain this is a problem because there won’t be

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Will The Affordable Care Act Make You Work Overtime?

Will your employer cut your hours due to the Affordable Care Act? After all, they want to get rid of their full-time workforce so they don’t have to subsidize your healthcare. But will they schedule you to work overtime instead?


Will your company schedule you for overtime?

What were your first thoughts when you heard about the Affordable Care Act in the news? If your employer doesn’t currently offer healthcare, you probably turned up the volume. You knew it would affect you. Many pundits predict the new law will make employers cut hours, saying the law will make it too expensive to comply.

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The Little-known Reason Why Employers Won’t Hire You Part Time

Does the state you live in determine an employer’s willingness to hire you part time? In some states, it’s much more costly to hire a part-time vs. full-time employee. Lets see how the unemployment tax affects this cost. I’ll tell

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