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Is Dishonest Behavior Responsible for Most Lawsuits?


After reading this New York Times article “When ‘Liking’ a Brand Online Voids the Right to Sue,” I’m considering revoking all my ‘likes’ on Facebook. Apparently certain companies like General Mills are starting to rewrite their policy rules. Now simple actions can unknowingly void your ability to sue them. Apparently if you like their page, print their coupon, or in some cases even buy their product, you’ll now have to settle any problems with them via email arbitration, instead of taking them to court. Why did GM rewrite their rules and why is this a problem?

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Starbucks donates for World AIDS Day: One time cure, or lifetime customers? (Part 2)


In the last post, I discussed Starbucks’ donation for World AIDS Day. Starbucks gives 10 cents for each drink sold on December 1. Starbucks gives to The Global Fund, who buys antiretroviral (ART) drugs for those infected with HIV in lower income countries.

ART drugs aren’t a cure
Those infected with HIV must take ART drugs for the rest of their life, or they’ll die. So ART pharmaceutical companies make a guaranteed profit for the lifetime of each HIV patient infected. Does this mean they have no incentive to actually cure HIV or AIDS?

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Does The Average American Know Anything About The Shutdown and Budget?


What does the shutdown mean to the average American? Besides all the political drama and childishness between Republicans and Democrats, what does the average person actually know? What do they think about our debt ceiling and how much do they care?

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Are Health Insurance Brokers Like Car Salesmen?


Sure, health insurance companies tell us we need brokers to help us pick a health insurance plan.  But if you found out how much of your monthly premium goes toward their pay every month, would you still be willing to

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