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Planet Money 485- What’s Your Major: Relevant for today’s student, or not?


In this episode 485, NPR’s Planet Money talked about expected earnings for each college major. They based their discussion on Georgetown Professor Caravelli’s study. There’s lots of useful, detailed data included for each college major. But does this information give us the whole picture?

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482- Why the US keeps sending weapons to Egypt: Is this policy dangerous for America?


NPR Planet Money episode 482 asks why the US keeps sending weapons to Egypt. We continue to give Egypt $1.5 billion a year, $1.3 billion of which goes to the Egyptian military. Policy proponents say this money comes back to the US, since Egypt spends this money on American weapons.

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477- Waiting for Robot Nannies: Would Japan Really Hire Immigrant Nannies?


“Waiting for Robot Nannies” was an informative episode about Japan’s problem getting mothers back into the workplace. Over half of Japanese mothers leave their jobs after childbirth. The Planet Money hosts explain this is a problem because there won’t be

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<3 NPR Planet Money Commentary

One of my favorite podcasts is NPR’s Planet Money. I’ve listened to it off and on since it started in 2008. One reason I love this show is because it does a great job explaining interesting and complex economic concepts

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